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Icebox Farm

Website: iceboxfarm.com

Icebox Farm™ is an educational microfarm in North Augusta,
SC. We are a certified South Carolina Grown farm, and
with an emphasis on humane and sustainable production
of heritage breeds and species like those listed on
Slow Food’s Ark of Taste, we produce pastured chickens
and ducks for eggs and meat, and we are also home to
several turkeys, as well as quite a few rabbits that we raise
for our own table. In addition, we raise American Guinea
Hogs, an endangered species whose numbers we are
helping to increase.

We grow herbs and other produce, too, much of which
we use to feed our flocks and rabbits and to make some
of the products that we create here at Icebox.Our birds are
truly pastured, free to roam on over an acre, foraging for
themselves. We also, especially in the winter months when
food can get scarce, supplement their diet with organic
produce as well as whole, unprocessed, non-GMO grains
and seeds. These efforts not only produce birds that
are happy and healthy, but also result in eggs and meat
with a wholesome difference that you can see and taste!
We also host educational events at the farm, including our
Icebox Forum, a 6-week class that meets periodically to
discuss the spiritual importance of food. Other classes
that we hold at the farm include demonstrations and
hands-on opportunities to process ducks, chicken, and
rabbits and to make some of our signature products.

Check out the events page at iceboxfarm.com to see
what’s new, and to register for your space in our classes!

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