Savannah River Farms


Savannah River Farms is a family working farm that strives to meet the demands of an ever-growing population that care about the healthy benefits of hormone and antibiotic free meats. Located a few miles from the Savannah River in Sylvania, GA, we use only natural methods of raising our pastured poultry, free-roaming beef and pork to yield products not only superior in taste but in health benefits as well. The humane treatment of our animals and the sustainability of our environment are major priorities. We mill our own feed for our pork and poultry right here on our farm. That insures us that we know what we are feeding. My husband, Ben is a fifth generation crop and livestock farmer, He has raised cattle and hogs since he could walk along side of his dad. Farming and land has always been in his blood. We have been married over 30 years now and although I was raised “in town”, I have been in the country with him since. We joined the slow food movement about 10 years ago and we truly believe in this way of life. It is the way his grandparents and great-grandparents, etc. farmed. No chemical fertilizers and No growth hormones. No antibiotics because the animals just did not get sick because everything was naturally done. We are Animal Welfare Approved and we do our own “on farm” processing in our inspected facility. We are proud to say that we are Georgia farmers.

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