Sweets by My Girl

Hey there! My name is Olukemi Olorunniwo and I major in Nursing at USC Aiken. I am the Owner and Cheif Baker at Sweets by My Girl. I create low sugar breads appropriate for my diabetic mother, and have been doing so since I was 8 years old. I have already been a part of three markets in Aiken and would love for Augusta to have a chance to try out my products as well. I specialize in the philosophy of slowly developed breads. This process often involves the use of a variety of whole grains and lengthy flavor development periods to create a unique taste with a surprisingly short ingredient list. Thanks to this process, my mother has reversed her type 2 diabetes and has been off of her medications for 5 years.
I encourage you to try some of the more unique items that i have developed, like the Energy bar, the decadent caramelized pecan roll, or the delicate flavor of my Classic Baguette. I encourage you to call or text me if you have specific or very large orders. One important note about my products are that none of them are gluten-free. I bake in a shared facility and I can’t guarantee that my products will be free of allergens like nuts or gluten.

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