Canewater Farm


USDA Certified Organic

Canewater sits on the banks of two deep tidal waterways, Knox Creek and the Carneghan River. Our home sits on the edge of pristine marsh amongst towering live oaks, slash pines, and cedars.

Upon acquiring the property, the now farmland consisted of a twenty-acre planted pine tract. We timbered the land and sent the pulp to the mills. We then began pulling all the stumps, raking the roots and burning the debris to prepare the fields for agriculture.

The soil is extremely low in organic matter, PH, and is classified as Lakeland and Rutledge Sandy Soils. These are not recommended for row crop production. This coupled with the extreme heat, humidity and pest/disease pressure makes it a challenging place to farm. And yes, the bugs are worse on the farm crew then the plants!

Our mission is to build the soil through cover cropping, composting, and eventually animal rotations so we can grow nutritious food for the low country communities of the Georgia coast.

We currently manage 50 acres, 20 of which are farmland. We currently cultivate 10 acres of vegetables. The remaining land we grow a mix of cover crops to build soil and use for crop rotation.

We mill organic corn on our family farm in the Appalachian mountains of North Georgia. We also raise pigs for our chefs in the low country up in the mountains. Along with our family, we have a talented and knowledgeable crew at Canewater Appalachia.

We look forward to sustainably growing our farm to meet the needs of the good folks of the southern coastal plain and beyond.

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