The Commonwealth Kitchen

Website: https://sarahgweimar.wixsite.com/commonwealthkitchen

The Commonwealth Kitchen is a community practice, established for our common well-being and flourishing, focused on nutritional education, regenerative agriculture advocacy, and supporting our local community.

Nutrition - As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) in training, it will be an honor to partner with future clients, to provide education about the benefits of a properly prepared and nutrient-dense whole foods diet, as well as the importance of optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, hydration, blood sugar regulation, fatty acids and minerals. NTP’s utilize an integrated and bio-individual perspective of the body and its systems, and focus on addressing an individual’s unique nutritional requirements and deficiencies.

Regenerative Agriculture - Our food comes from the earth; our bodies are nourished by the soil itself. And so, our vital dependence upon nutrient dense foods demands that we concern ourselves with the health of the soil, and practices which nourish the earth, as well as those which degrade its health. As I study human nutrition and digestion, I will also be learning about soil health, and the connections between healthy soil and a healthy micro-biome.

Community - Stewarding your health and the health of your family is good work – and it is challenging and overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with complex health issues, various autoimmune diseases, therapeutic elimination diets, supplement protocols, and more. I know from experience how difficult this can be. To support you, I will be planning cooking classes and workshops to create opportunities for education and connection.

I want to invite you to join us for small monthly classes, where you will learn how to prepare delicious nutrient-dense whole foods that your whole family will benefit from and enjoy!

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