Humanitree House Juice Joint

Website: www,humanitreehouse.com

Humanitree House is a cold press juice bar and Art Gallery that is located in the cultural corridor in downtown Augusta, Georgia. We offer the finest in cold pressed juice utilizing only the best local and organically grown ingredients, thereby continuing to strengthen the economic base of the local Augusta community. Humanitree House works hard to get most of our produce locally and organically in order to get the freshest foods available. We will source organics whenever possible but on some occasions we will substitute with ingredients from small farms that do not use commercial fertilizers or pesticides, but do not have organic certification. Shopping as close to local as possible means supporting local farmers in the area and reducing the amount of gas (carbon emissions) used to transport the food to the business. The result is a system that functions on as little energy consumption as possible, a successful local economy and something in the end that is sustainable over longer periods of time. We are Augusta’s ONLY only authentic full service cold pressed juice bar. We have been open in Augusta for over a year and our juices currently have a five star rating throughout the CSRA.

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