Freeman's Mill


At Freeman’s Mill, we use only the finest, locally grown corn, wheat, and other grains (as requested). Our Grits and Corn Meal are ground on our 100+ year old granite mills. One of the mills is a 42" Cole flat rock mill and the other is a 24" Davis vertical mill; both mills were built in Georgia. Our Flour is milled on a 100 year old Midget Marvel 50 Barrel Mill. Our mill is powered by a Continental 1 Cylinder Cotton Gin Engine that dates to the 1930’s and weighs in excess of 10 tons.
Our mill is located in Bulloch County, Georgia between Statesboro and Register. Visitors are welcome, but call ahead!
The highest quality of our product is of chief concern to us. Our mill and products are licensed and regularly inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

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