Kettle Creek Acres

Website: www.kettlecreekacres.com

Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

Kettle Creek Acres is located in Grovetown, Georgia. Organic practices are a minimum for this land, with self-sustainability as the goal informed by principles of permaculture and biodynamics. We are CNG certified. This is a new location for a seasoned grower with 10 years of experience experimenting with a variety of fruits, herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Winter/Spring 2019 was the beginning of market bed production and fruit tree guilding. Our entrance to ALG will begin with seedlings/transplants and small quantities of produce, and we look forward to offering more in the future as we grow at a manageable pace. All of our seeds are Certified Organic or Non-GMO. Thanks for visiting and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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