Brown Dawg Bites

Website: www.browndawgbites.com

We produce a grassfed, 100% beef pet food. We farm in Burke Co. Georgia and our animals enjoy free range 24/7, 365 days each and every year. We raise humanely as per the Certified Humane standards and we apply environmentally positive farming practices.
Our product is All Fillet, No Filler. This means we add nothing – no grains, preservatives, imported ingredients. We simply use all prime cuts plus heart, liver and spleen. We process right here in Georgia in a USDA certified facility. We 100% guarantee we know exactly where your protein comes from, how it was raised, treated and processed, We farm and work with farms and farmers who care as much about their animals and environment as we do.

we strive to provide the best All Beef Base for raw feeding or for additional feeding. We will be expanding to provide single source, quality pet food treats.

Ultra premium pet food. We farm and source grass fed,certified humane,free range (365 days per year)beef. We process locally and include organ meat – heart, liver and spleen – to build a superb beef base for raw and supplemental feeding.

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