B & G Honey Farm

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My Dad had bees when I was a kid, in 1989 my wife and I got our first hive .B&G Honey Farm began as a hobby then our interest grew from a hobby to a second source of income by renting bees to farmers to pollinate crops.Our bees collect nectar for Wildflower ,Tupelo and Chinese Tallow honeys from the Ogeechee river to south of the Altamaha rivers and Savannah to near Millen GA .All honey harvested by B&G Honey Farm is raw and unfiltered and brought to you straight from the hive to preserve the honeys natural qualities.We have not used any chemicals on our bees in several years and strive to place them away from farmer spraying of crops.All pure honey will granulate in time, some sooner than others.If this happens, place container in a crock pot of water and turn on low for a couple of hours and the honey will bee as good as ever .

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