Fox Holler Farm, LLC

Website: www.foxhollerfarm.com

Fox Holler Farm, LLC is a boutique flower farm in Appling, Georgia, growing traditional and specialty cut flowers using chemical-free methods. Flowers grown locally are enjoyed in your home within a day of harvest, giving you more time to enjoy their beauty, instead of losing days of vase life while being imported.

Caring for Fresh Flowers:
1. Keep out of bright, direct sunlight – this can cause any bacteria in the water to grow faster and shorten the life of your flowers
2. Change the water daily – fresh flowers will drink a LOT of water, since their stems aren’t clogged like many imports
3. Use the flower food – it really does make a difference! Imported flowers usually have clogged stems, so sometimes people think the flower food doesn’t do anything – these fresh flowers will last for days longer with fresh water and fresh food!

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