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This Tuesday, December 17, will be the last market for 2019. Be sure to stock up by ordering THIS WEEKEND all your holiday ingredients as well as locally-made gifts.

The ALG OnLine Market will be closed on Dec 24 (Christmas Eve) and Dec 31 (New Years Eve.)

The ALG OnLine Market will resume on Jan 7, 2020.

This Tuesday also marks my own last market with Augusta Locally Grown. Chris and I will be living in Washington DC as of Jan 1, and I can barely type these words without balling.

It has been the honor-of-a-lifetime to work alongside hundreds and hundreds of the most passionate people I know (local food activists) in support of the hardest-working and most courageous people I know (local farmers.)

I will miss every dang one of you.

But the good-food movement in the CSRA has only just begun. I can’t wait to see what a new decade, new energies, and a whole new crop of good-food leaders brings to this work.

Grow with abandon;
cook with joy;
and eat every bite with gratitude
for the Earth from which is springs
and for the people who tend it so lovingly.