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Tickets for Augusta Boucherie are on sale now! Visit www.augustaboucherie.com to get your ticket.

The Butchery – or “Boucherie” in French – is an age-old tradition. Friends, neighbors and family members gather to help butcher livestock and preserve meat in the fall, assuring that all parts of the animals are used for sustenance.

This will be a not to be missed event!

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Weblog Entry

Love is in the air this week.

Love is the stuff of good, healthy food grown by people we come to know as friends and neighbors. Love is also the way in which we prepare and eat those gorgeous ingredients. And, at Augusta Locally Grown, love is the gift of community.

I’d like to take this virtual moment to express my deep love for the hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, interns, customers, chefs, partnership organization and farmers for making ALG more vibrant and viable than any one of us could have imagined on our own.

See y’all at the market on Tuesday!