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Happy Earth Farm, LLC

Website: www.happyearthfarm.com

Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

Happy Earth Farm is your local Aiken family farm, where we’re dedicated to providing you with the freshest products in the purest fashion. We are proud to be part of the Certified Naturally Grown program, an alternative to organic certification program for small family farms. We don’t use pesticides, herbicides or any other “cides”! We grow our crops using our own organic compost and other organic supplements and soil enhancers; we practice extensive crop rotation and companion planting; our flock of guineas provides natural pest control; and we never, ever use genetically modified seeds! We raise our chickens the old fashioned way: providing unadulterated, soy-free organic feed and offering up plenty of fresh air and sunshine. We’re passionate about “clean” healthy eating, and we offer to you what we feed our family: fresh and natural alternatives to store-bought fare.

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