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Img_1215 Herbal Extract - Reishi Mushrooms
Grower: Southern Native Plantings @ Longwood Plantation
Price: $18.00 ( 2 oz bottle with dropper)
%> Available (Exact): 8

Extract of Reishi mushroom (known as Lingzhi in Chinese), King of Mushrooms. One of the most important and most revered herbs used by the Asian people throughout history for over 2000 years to promote radiant health, longevity and a more centered state of mind. Reishi contains over 800 biologically active constituents that benefit virtually every cell of the human body in some way. Two of the active ingredients are beta glucan polysaccharides and triterpines which are used by cancer and HIV patients. Reishi provides immunological, neurological, metabolic, hepatic, and vascular support functions. Extract is made by slicing and dehydrating, then steeped in grain alcohol for at least 3 months. Recommended 1-2 droppers daily and if needed mix with 1 Tablespoon of water or juice. Made by Rob Liakos at USDA certified kitchen at Longwood Plantation.