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20161022_052531 BREAD - HONEY WHOLE WHEAT
Grower: Sweets by My Girl
Price: $5.49 ( 1 8x4 in. loaf)
%> Available (Exact): 1

This is my personal favorite and every day variety of bread. It contains no sugar, and features a mixture of unbleached non-GMO 100% white whole wheat. White whole wheat flour uses the entire grain of wheat, just a lighter colored variety. Over 6 hours of work is put into each and every loaf. This bread is best sliced thickly and toasted, with a healthy pat of butter on top. I'm sure you will enjoy the subtle nuttiness of the whole wheat with your breakfast and your favorite breakfast blend of coffee or tea. Due to the humectant effect of the honey in this bread, it naturally resists drying out and will keep well on the counter-top loosely covered in the plastic bag it comes in for 5-7 days. Freeze any unused portion wrapped in plastic. Thaw at room temperature for 6 hours or reheat in the oven at 380 for 15-20 minutes.