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14333656_1392378014109146_2542401869613273628_n GRANOLA - ENERGY BAR
Grower: Sweets by My Girl
Price: $1.99 ( 1 1x4 in. Bar)
%> Available (Exact): 8

This is essential for the busy every day person that wants a filling snack while running around. These Energy bars are unlike anything you have tasted before, and feature a beautiful combination of freshly ground spices and hand roasted nuts. Chia Seeds provide insoluble and soluble fiber while old fashioned and local steel cut oats provide sustained energy. These energy bars have over 8 varieties of seeds and nuts and boast 9 grams of protein per bar. NOTE: These bars contain peanuts,flax seeds, macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts so those with nut allergies should avoid this bar.