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Phoenix Farm Fiber

Website: www.PhoenixFarmFiber.com

Phoenix Farm Fiber is a boutique fiber business that offers high quality mohair, rare wool and handmade products. Here at The Phoenix, we take great care to raise happy, healthy animals in a way that Mother Nature would approve! Our sheep and goats are grazed on grass grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides and we never use steroids, hormones, or unnecessary antibiotics. We come as close to nature as human intervention will allow!

Phoenix Farm is located in Beech Island in Aiken County South Carolina. Although we are not certified organic, we maintain holistic and organic standards in raising our fiber goats and sheep. All of our animals are pasture raised to ensure health, vigor, and quality. Our white and colored Angora goats are sheared twice per year, then each fleece is hand-skirted and washed to offer our customers a quality product for their fiber needs. Our sheep fleeces come from our own small flock of endangered Romeldale, Cotswold, and Shetland sheep and is supplemented with wool sourced from other small farms in our area. All of our wool is processed at a local mill in North Carolina that processes our wool without the use of harsh chemicals and utilizes eco-friendly energy sources.

Phoenix Farm Fiber is also committed to supporting other small farms and fiber producers in the United States. We do not source any of our fiber from large international resale organizations — we are dedicated to the sustainability and success of American small farms. As such, we only select high quality fiber from domestic family farms. We frequently reach out to these farms to augment our own inventory of wool and mohair. Doing so helps to support the domestic production of natural fiber!

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