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Cornerstone Farm

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Cornerstone Farms is owned and run by Brad and Nathalie. Like many others, we started our small “Hobby Farm” mainly because we wanted to know where our food came from, how it was produced, how it was cared for, and of course, to help with grocery costs. What started out with 6 chickens has now turned into close to 200 chickens (and growing), Bourbon Red Turkeys, New Zealand and Californian Rabbits, Guineas, and a very large garden. Our chickens are fed grains that we ferment with Apple Cider Vinegar which we feel makes them healthier because of all the great health attributes connected to ACV. They are allowed to free range during the day on our 15 acres and are put up in their coops at night to keep them safe. They get lots of garden scraps as treats and herbs from our herb garden. Our eggs range in color from a dark chocolate brown, to blue, to olive green, and white. We love what we do and it brings us so much joy to be able to provide so much of our own necessities for ourselves and to share those things with others.

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