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Fort Creek Farm

Website: www.fortcreekfarm.com

Our farm was settled on the banks of Fort Creek in what is now Hancock County, Georgia about 1785 and has been in the Rives family since 1840. The farm, with its impressive collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings has been called “one of the most intact self sufficient, antebellum farm complexes existing in Georgia today.”

Today we strive to keep the farm alive through sustainable farming techniques. We raise the same line of Hereford cattle that have thrived on the farm’s native grasses since WWII. We raise Boer/Nubian cross goats on browse and grass and chickens in open fields as the pasture clean up crew!

Rotational grazing is the key to our success. Our animals are led to green, fresh pasture each day. At Fort Creek Farm we manage the environment as carefully as we manage our livestock. We are continuously improving our pastures in ways that enhance wildlife habitat, protect air quality, and improve the water quality of our streams.

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